Reliable data recording

Process measurement technology usually involves the acquisition of mA or mV sensor signals with limited temporal resolution. The demands are higher when acquiring transient events or vibrations. Data acquisition rates are much higher and a more sophisticated evaluation is required. Systems from different suppliers are therefore necessary with subsequent problems of compatibility. However, with ist ProfiMessage series, Delphin offers systems ideal for measuring standard type signals. In combination with Expert Vibro devices, all data can be acquired, computed and monitored within a single system. The measurement data are all based on the same time scale and so are directly comparable with each other.

Application features

  • Acquisition of mV, mA and IEPE signals within a single system
  • No interface problems due to single system design
  • Affordable integration of vibration measurements into process measurement systems
  • Profi Signal software suited to evaluating and monitoring all measurement data
  • Secure, relational data storage

Practical example

In many hydropower turbines in Switzerland, shaft vibrations as well as winding temperatures are being recorded. Message devices are being used which are equipped with I/O modules for multi-channel Pt100 temperature acquisition as well as shaft vibration inputs. A single system is capable of recording up to 16 vibrations and 16 temperatures. This represents a major benefit to the customer. In the many alternative systems available for vibration measurement, extending inputs is either very difficult or not possible at all. Expert Vibro and ProfiMessage devices are equipped with PROFIBUS interfaces to enable easy coupling to DCS systems. Delphin solutions offer significant added value here.

Typical areas of application

  • Vibration and combined temperature measurement
  • Vibration measurement with fieldbus coupling (PROFIBUS)
  • Full test stand measurement for all types of signal
  • Engine and generator monitoring
  • Monitoring system in combination with vibration measurement

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