Universal measurement data acquisition

Data acquisition systems from Delphin can be used flexibly, no matter what your individual measurement task looks like. At Delphin, we have the right measuring devices and test equipment as well as the measurement technology software for your universal measurement data acquisition in our portfolio.

Universal measurement data acquisition fast, flexible and reliable

Every measuring task is different. In some situations, e.g. in the laboratory, a measuring computer is available on which the measured values can be stored digitally and analysed immediately. In other applications, however, fail-safe data storage in the acquisition device, such as a data logger, is required.

Sometimes hundreds of measurement channels are needed, sometimes only very few. The channel framework, i.e. the composition of the required analogue and digital I/Os, also varies greatly depending on the application.

Slow monitoring applications get by with measurement rates in the minute range, while fast vibration or transient measurements require sampling rates in the two-digit kilohertz range.

The required interfaces of the measuring devices also differ greatly depending on the application. In the industrial environment, fieldbus interfaces such as Profinet, Profibus or Modbus are required. In the laboratory, Ethernet or USB are more likely to be used. Interfaces for cloud connection such as OPC UA are often a must.

Precise, unadulterated measurement results are an ever-present requirement. With Delphin, these are guaranteed by differential and galvanically isolated analogue inputs.

The following examples show you already implemented solutions for universal measurement data acquisition with Delphin.


Autonomous data storage

Fail-safe measurement data acquisition without PC support
Autonomous data storage

Data acquisition on the PC

Measure and directly visualise measured values such as temperatures, current or voltage
Measurement data acquisition on the PC

Modular data acquisition

Combine I/O channels individually and solve complex measuring tasks
Modular data acquisition

Laboratory data acquisition

For series experiments, laboratory automation or dosing applications
Laboratory data acquisition

Transient data acquisition

For fast recording of non-periodic events and fault analysis
Transient data acquisition

Galvanic isolation

Precise measurement results due to electrical isolation of the I/Os
Galvanic isolation

Acquisition fieldbus data

Integration of fieldbus signals into the measurement data acquisition
Collect fieldbus data

Temperature measurement

For universal acquisition of any temperature signals
Temperature measurement

Versatile measurement technology for your application

  • The Expert Key devices are ideally suited when the PC is permanently available for the testing task. With one device, up to 28 analogue inputs can be reliably recorded and processed.
  •  The devices of the Loggito series are used wherever fail-safe data logging with intelligent data pre-processing is required in a particularly compact device. Typical Loggito applications have decentrally distributed measuring points where only a few channels need to be recorded at a time. Loggito also shows its strengths in local measuring tasks with low channel numbers. A particularly low-cost USB version for PC-supported data acquisition is also available.
  • The Expert Logger devices combine fail-safe data logging and intelligent data pre-processing in the device with a wide range of interfaces. Both integration into fieldbus systems with Profinet, Profibus or Modbus communication and cloud connection via OPC UA are easily possible. Depending on the variant, the Expert Logger devices have up to 46 universal, galvanically isolated analogue inputs - and that with a size of just 217 mm * 88 mm * 128 mm.
  • With Expert Vibro we offer you a precision vibration measuring device for recording and analysing oscillations and vibrations. State-of-the-art processor technology based on powerful FPGA processors allows 4, 8, 12 or 16 synchronous measuring channels with high sampling rates of up to 50 kHz in a very small space. 24-bit A/D converters guarantee extreme accuracy. The FFT calculation is already done in the unit. Expert Vibro is already used worldwide in the field of condition monitoring.
  • Expert Transient is the suitable device for the temporally high-resolution acquisition and analysis of transient, non-periodic events. For example, Expert Transient is used worldwide in the field of fault analysis.
  • The modular ProfiMessage D system is used when PC-independent acquisition, monitoring and control is required. The modular system can be adapted to the respective requirements and can be expanded very easily at any time. Control and regulation tasks are also performed autonomously by the ProfiMessage D units, making this system the first choice for long-term testing and more complex measurement and control tasks.

The measurement technology software ProfiSignal is available for the cost- and time-efficient visualisation and analysis of measurement data and processes.

Our new ProfiSignal 20 software makes ProfiSignal platform-independent. The functional scope of the Go and Basic variants is no longer only available for Windows systems, but also for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

Your advantages of universal measurement data acquisition with Delphin

  • Universal inputs for mA, mVolt, thermocouple and Pt100(0) signals as well as frequencies, pulses and oscillations
  • Continuous galvanic isolation between the channels, interfaces and the power supply
  • Reliable data acquisition at the process and autonomous operation due to integrated data memory
  • Interface diversity both at the field and sensor level, as well as in the cloud
  • Intelligent data pre-processing in the unit by means of software channels
  • Integrated monitoring and alarm management with SMS and e-mail messaging
  • Fast and intuitive measurement data visualisation with Delphin measurement software
  • Uncomplicated creation of visualisation diagrams using ready-made objects
  • "Programming by selection" - creation of individual process flow controls without programming knowledge
  • Password protection, individual user and access rights
  • Extensive evaluation and analysis options despite intuitive and simple operation
  • Configuration, visualisation, analysis and operation from any PC workstation with ProfiSignal as well as location- and platform-independent with ProfiSignal 20