Vibration measurement

Vibration measurements can be used to detect problems on machines caused by vibrations at an early stage. In the best case, vibration sensors are already implemented during the commissioning of a plant in order to detect undesired vibrations at an early stage and to be able to take action. Our core competencies include the precise recording and fail-safe storage of vibration signals. We also support you with versatile measurement and analysis concepts for all aspects of machine vibrations.

Solutions for your vibration measurement

Vibration measurement is a very broad field of application. Depending on the area of application and the desired benefit of the measurement, very different measurement tasks arise. We first obtain a detailed overview of your application in order to find an individual measurement solution. Based on this, our measurement technology experts create the measurement concept with suitable vibration measurement technology for data acquisition as well as the modular software for data analysis and monitoring.

One area of application in which vibration measurement technology is frequently used is the condition monitoring of machines and systems. The aim here is to detect changes in the operating condition or diagnose damage through regular or permanent recording and analysis of vibrations.

Vibration monitoring can also be aimed at increasing operational safety or optimising production quality.

We have years of expert knowledge in the field of vibration measurement and have already implemented customised complete solutions for many customers worldwide.

The following examples show you a wide range of applications that we have already successfully implemented.

Air gap measurement

Effective monitoring of rotating machines, generators or turbines
Air gap measurement

Process measurement

Combined acquisition and analysis of vibration and process measurement values
Process measurement

Pressure vibrations

Measurement and analysis of combustion chamber or vortex vibrations, cavitation measurement
Pressure vibrations

Measure bearing vibrations

Damage diagnosis through measurement and analysis of rolling bearing vibrations
Measure bearing vibrations

Measure shaft vibrations

Measurement and analysis of plain bearing vibrations on turbines and large gearboxes
Measure shaft vibrations

Analyse vibrations

Analysis and cause finding of vibration problems in processes
fft schwingungsanalyse an maschinen und turbinen

Machine vibrations

Vibration monitoring and diagnosis on machines and plants
Machine vibrations

Condition Monitoring

Increasing plant availability through continuous monitoring
condition monitoring system mit Software

Turbines & Generators

Monitoring of engines, gearboxes, compressors and small gas turbines
Turbines & Generators

Suitable products from Delphin for your vibration measurement

With our Expert Vibro device, a versatile and powerful measuring device is available to you as a solution for vibration analysis. It offers 4, 8, 12 or 16 synchronous and galvanically isolated analogue inputs with a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel, for the acquisition of sensor data.

The inputs of our vibration measurement device are universally software-configurable and enable the flexible acquisition of currents, voltages and IEPE sensors. Another user-friendly feature is that the individual analogue inputs can be individually assigned to one of up to 4 trigger groups with freely configurable comparators for keyphasor sensors. These functions provide maximum flexibility for any measurement task.

In particular, the frequently required synchronous acquisition of vibration and process data is also easily possible with the Expert Vibro.

The self-sufficient mode of operation of the Expert Vibro devices with internal data memory ensures reliable acquisition and monitoring as well as seamless data acquisition. The compact industrial design of the Expert Vibro units with detachable terminals and top-hat rail mounting enables easy installation in housings and cabinets. Vibration signals are compressed directly in the Expert Vibro units into meaningful characteristic values and FFT. Alarm functions monitor characteristic values and optionally send alarms in the form of SMS, e-mail or switch digital outputs in the event of a fault.


The software option Vibro enables the online/offline display of spectra, cascade, time signal and orbit diagrams. Process measurement values and vibration measurement values can be monitored and evaluated in one system.

For cost- and time-efficient visualisation and analysis of measurement data and processes, the measurement technology software ProfiSignal is at your disposal.

With the ProfiSignal Go version, you can display and analyse measurement data in individually configurable diagrams with just a few clicks.

The ProfiSignal Basic version also allows you to create individual dashboards for visualising and controlling your processes. A variety of visualisation elements are available for this purpose, comparable to a SCADA system.

ProfiSignal Klicks offers you the possibility to automate your processes without programming knowledge. For this purpose, all required functions are available, which you simply click together with the mouse to form your programme. Syntax errors are thus basically excluded.

The new ProfiSignal 20 software transfers the classic ProfiSignal software to platform independence. The range of functions of the Go and Basic versions is no longer only available for Windows systems, but also for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

Your advantages for a vibration measurement with Delphin

  • Synchronous, parallel acquisition of up to 64 vibration signals/unit
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process signals
  • Self-sufficient and therefore safe vibration monitoring
  • Can be used as a subsystem on existing process control systems.
  • Determination of characteristic values (peak-peak, gap), order analysis
  • Data logger memory for autonomous long-term recording of machine history
  • Monitoring/alarming (SMS, e-mail)
  • Reporting to higher-level control systems via PROFIBUS-DP or Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Analysis of on/off-line measured values on the workstation PC
  • Evaluation with orbit, FFT, cascade, y(t) diagram and others
  • Calculation of envelope frequency spectrum and vibration velocity
  • Powerful vibration diagnosis system for autonomous long-term recording through integrated data memory
  • Universal connection options for acceleration, velocity or distance sensors
  • Small compact design and high channel density for easy installation in control cabinets