Universities and schools

Measurement and testing technology for universities and schools

In the laboratories of universities and schools, new technologies are being researched, innovative hardware and software solutions developed, and tomorrow's experts trained. Delphin Technology AG is closely involved in research and teaching. Numerous research institutes and universities use measuring and testing technology from Delphin.

Simple and complex measuring and testing tasks are carried out on a daily basis, measurement values are recorded, processes are monitored and test stands set up. The devices also need to fulfil a diverse range of tasks.

Universities and schools have special requirements

  • Flexible applications: Measurement and testing technology is often used in very different fields of research and training with widely varying measurement requirements. Measurement technology therefore needs to be highly flexible for a wide variety of applications.

  • Fast configuration: Laboratory tests are often set up only for a short time and under great time pressure. Measurement requirements can change on a daily basis. Setting up measurement procedures therefore needs to be fast without requiring programming expertise.

  • Ease of use: Projects and measuring tasks constantly change as well as the personnel involved. Operating the measurement and testing technology therefore needs to be as simple as possible and not require any training.

A multitude of applications, diverse interfaces, applications also for stand-alone systems

  • Interface flexibility: In education, teaching and research, a high degree of interface flexibility is required. In addition to proprietary protocols, open standards are increasingly expected. OPC UA uses a uniform, open standard to enable data to be transmitted securely and in real time for any manufacturer product. The Expert Logger and Loggito Logger devices from Delphin are equipped with an OPC-UA server and client interface.

  • Low investment: Frequently, only low numbers of measurements need to be recorded in different laboratories and brought together at a central location. For example, when only individual sensor readings are to be recorded in separate laboratories, a Loggito Logger with just 4 to 8 measurement channels is sufficient. Measurement values that are recorded decentrally can be combined via local networks, wirelessly or via the mobile network to a central location, e.g. in a cloud. For security reasons, the data is also stored locally in the event of a failure in communications.

High-quality measuring and testing technology for universities and schools

  • Example of a mobile test stand: A frequent request is mobile access to ongoing measurement series. Mobile devices need to access the data without additional software having to be installed. This is performed by the browser-based web application ProfiSignal Web. Depending on the user's authorisation, measurement data can be visualised and edited by smartphone or tablet, regardless of location.

  • Example of visualisations for publications: ProfiSignal is powerful software for measurement data/process data acquisition, test bench automation and measurement technology. Measurement technology software is used to generate statistics, display trends and create complex visualisation diagrams. A typical requirement here is to export created evaluations to reports or publications. Visualisations can be copied to a clipboard and pasted directly into a document. Data can also be exported in ASCII format and used for Excel evaluations.