Energy technology

Challenging tasks in unusual areas of application

Since the phasing out of nuclear energy, there has been an increasing search in Germany for ways to use alternative energy sources. Current topics include wind and hydroelectric power, biomass, solar energy and geothermal energy. Efficient fossil energy production is also becoming increasingly important.


Research and development is therefore being carried out in many areas, whether at test stands and or in large-scale plant systems. Delphin products provide precisely the functions required in energy technology and play a decisive role in carrying out productive tests, systematically finding faults and monitoring processes effectively and securely.


Important functions for test stand applications

  • Precision measurement of sensor signals ranging from temperature to voltage signals
  • Potential separation of channels, e.g. for fuel cell or battery measurements
  • Independent data recording for stand-alone measuring
  • Monitoring and automation of test procedures
  • Fast to learn and easy to operate intuitive software

Delphin products are already being used worldwide for monitoring requirements in hundreds of power plants. ProfiMessage devices enable conventional measurement of energy processes using high numbers of channels, e.g. the recording of temperatures and pressures. In power plant applications, Message devices have the advantage of performing measurements faster than the in-house control systems.

Important functions in monitoring applications

  • Fast data acquisition for multichannel applications
  • Easy connection to control systems via different types of field buses
  • Effective evaluation even for extended time periods thanks to a long-term stable database of measurements

When malfunctions occur in energy technology, the causes must be systematically investigated. This requires time-based recording at high resolution. Decentralised recording of measurement data directly at the plant and equipment is usually necessary. Mobility is a prerequisite. Measurement cases from Delphin enable this.

  • High resolution measurement data at µsec
  • Parallel and synchronous sampling of analog and digital signals
  • Easy fault diagnostics by precision analysis of the sequence of events
  • Independent data storage for stand-alone operation
  • Remote monitoring options to enable access from anywhere in the world