Connection to control technology

In addition to conventional vibration measurements, monitoring can also be performed on dynamic pressure vibrations in the combustion chambers of gas turbines. Temperature resistant pressure sensors are installed within the chambers to measure dynamic pressure vibrations using Expert Vibro devices. Dynamic pressure vibrations contain information relevant to machine safety and analysis. Narrow-band characteristic values are determined and monitored from FFT analyses of the pressure signals. The Expert Vibro device directly determines and monitors TRMS values for each frequency band. In the event of an alarm, the central system is notified via PROFIBUS, or a digital output can be triggered. Spectra are portrayed in a spectrogram via ProfiSignal.

Application features

  • Compact and inexpensive monitoring solutions for combustion chamber vibrations
  • Independent device with a 16 GB data logger memory
  • Universal inputs suitable for pressure sensors
  • Calculation of narrow-band characteristic values
  • Calculation of TRMS characteristic values

Practical example

An important producer of gas turbines is using Message devices as a standard solution for humming/combustion chamber vibration. The Delphin system is popular due to its compact design and integrated functions. In contrast to other similar products available on the market, the Expert Vibro device represents very good value for money.

Typical areas of application

  • Combustion chamber vibrations in gas turbines
  • Measuring flow rates in streams
  • Cavitation measurement
  • Measurement of low-frequency vibrations in burners
  • Measurement of vortex induced vibration (Karman vortex street)
  • Measurements in engine compartments and exhaust systems
  • Measurement of Coriolis vibrations

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