Visualisation and analysis

Unintended and high-level vibrations in machinery and test stand applications result in uneconomical operation and potential damage. Using Expert Vibro  devices, different types of vibration sensor undergo unfiltered processing within frequency spectra ranging from 0 to 20.000 Hz. Excitation frequencies can then be determined to enable process optimisation. The Expert Vibro devices are  capable of continuously acquiring and monitoring the levels of damaging frequencies and can operate fully independently due to their integrated internal data loggers. Visualisation takes place using the ProfiSignal software with data being portrayed in cascade, FFT or trend diagrams,.

Application features

  • Connectivity for any type of vibration sensor (mV, mA, IEPE)
  • Process and vibration measurement within a single device
  • FFT analysis within the device itself along with frequency-band analysis
  • Monitoring of vibration levels and intelligent data logger within the device
  • Visualisation and analysis using time signal, trend, FFT cascade and orbit diagrams

Practical example: Vibration monitoring in turbines

To avoid expensive damage and to analyse the causes of shutdowns, a vibration monitoring system was installed on the gas turbines of a renowned manufacture. Vibrations are acquired locally at the gas turbines, recorded and automatically transmitted to headquarters via the internet. Continuous evaluation is carried out there by technicians. In the event of a malfunction, operators are informed via email. The recorded characteristic values and FFT analyses are regularly transmitted via the internet in an encrypted form.

Typical areas of application

  • Vibration measurement in plant and machinery
  • Monitoring of turbines and generators
  • Diagnoses of vibration causes
  • Vibration measurements on gas, hydro and gas turbines
  • Vibration measurement and test stands
  • Acceleration measurement and FFT analyses
  • Researching vibration generators
  • Checking effectiveness of vibration-reduction measures
  • Measurement of mechanical vibrations

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