Vibration test stands

Synchronised acquisition

Vibrations tests are carried out in the development of many products. Test samples are mounted on shakers and shaken and rattled according to requirements. Vibration measurements are taken at the shaker itself and at the test sample. Vibrations patterns at the test sample are referenced back to the shaker and frequencies, phase shifts and amplitudes undergo measurement. Expert Vibro is especially suited to such tasks. 8 or 16 synchronous inputs enable processing of all the required measurements. The device is also able to simultaneously control the shaker and provide set-point values. Digital outputs monitor characteristic values and can be used for switching procedures in the event of an alarm.

    Application features

    • Synchronous acquisition of vibrations at test stands
    • Management of set-point data at test stands via bus or analog outputs
    • Monitoring of measurement data with automatic shutdown
    • Simultaneous acquisition of vibrations, voltages, currents and temperatures

    Practical example

    A manufacturer of cooling and air-conditioning units is using Expert Vibro for measurements at shaker test stands in research and development. Multiple synchronous acceleration signals are recorded. The data is then evaluated using ProfiSignal software. Information can then be clearly portrayed in bode diagrams, FFT spectrums and time-signal trends. The raw data can also be exported into other analysis programs for more detailed evaluation. By using ProfiSignal as a SCADA system, every function required at a test stand can be realised. Visualisation and operation takes place using views. ProfiSignal is also used to create reports and automated procedures ion via Klicks programming.

    Typical areas of application

    • Product testing at shaker test stands
    • Engine, transmission and supercharger test stands
    • Washing machine test stands
    • Balancing test stands

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