Valve test stand

Data acquisition, control and evaluation

Valves are manufactured in a range of sizes, materials and versions. Different standardised testing requirements are necessary depending on the branch in which the valves are to be used. Valves undergo testing during both developmental and production phases as well as for quality assurance and actual use, e.g. cyclical functional testing of rapid closing safety valves in steam turbines. By using a ProfiSignal automated testing and evaluation system, reproducible and significantly faster measurement and evaluation procedures can take place. The flexibility of ProfiMessage devices enables a hardware system to be selected that exactly meets testing requirements.

Application features

  • Fully compatible hardware and software from a single source
  • Data acquisition, control and evaluation using just one system
  • Precise determination of opening and closing intervals using timestamps in real time
  • Documentation using predefined reports, and automatic export into Word

Practical example

A manufacturer of plastic tank systems uses Delphin Message devices and the ProfiSignal Klicks software for the automated testing of ventilation valves. Five different fully automated testing procedures can be performed including a manual operation mode for servicing purposes. An overview is portrayed for the valve testing procedures. Each valve can be manually activated. The test results are processed using ProfiSignal and can be printed as a report and exported into Excel. Graphics and trends are available as vector-based graphics. The adaptation and installation of the Message devices as well as the creation of the full application – including all testing – was completed within 10 days.

Typical areas of application

  • Testing of valves in plastic tank systems for vehicles
  • Cyclical testing of valves in steam turbines
  • Testing of warm water valves during their development
  • Testing of flow regulators and flow measurements

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