Switch testing

Reliability during testing

Switches ranging from micro to power switches for medium-voltage networks undergo testing according to different types of norms and standards. Tests are performed according to switching points, bounces and switch opening/closing delays. The Expert Key and Message devices with their high-speed analog and digital inputs provide the necessary hardware. Switch data is precision recorded and stored along with time-stamps. Delay times for opening/closing/switching are accurately determined and can be computed and portrayed using software channels during the actual testing. Logic diagrams within the ProfiSignal software portray test samples clearly as different tracks. Contact bounce and other errors are quick to identify and undergo recording and numbering.

    Application features

    • Complete solutions including hardware, software and special applications software
    • Individual frontends, connection technologies and evaluations are available at affordable prices
    • Easy maintenance, extendibility and calibration via Klicks applications
    • High levels of security and reliability during testing
    • Any number of test samples can undergo simultaneous and separate testing

    Practical example

    A 12-channel test system was developed for a manufacturer of bi-metal temperature controllers (two-point controllers), typically used in coffee machines and kitchen appliances. The hardware used concerns tabletop units with screw connectors. This enables easy connection of test samples as well as testing under real conditions. A resistance measurement unit is used to acquire cold contact resistances. The automated application was created using ProfiSignal Klicks and guides the user intuitively through the functions. The solution also includes automated testing and standards-compliant evaluation. An extension to include new tests was quick and inexpensive to implement.

    Typical areas of application

    • Quality assurance of bi-metal temperature controllers
    • Bounce testing of switches
    • Reliability testing of relays
    • Testing of electrotechnical switch protection elements
    • Determining switch opening/closing intervals
    • Testing of contact switches in safety belts
    • Testing of medium-voltage switchgears
    • Automated determination of switch-off times
    • Measurement of contact resistances

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