Pump testing

Fast acquisition of velocities

Pumps are required in a diverse applications ranging from micro-dosage pumps in chemistry labs and standard pumps for gardens through to large-scale industrial or vacuum pumps. Each application has differing testing requirements. Users from the pump sector enjoy the flexibility and universal inputs of the Message and Expert key devices. Adjustable sampling rates of up to 100 kHz enable users to perform high-resolution inspections and testing. The hardware’s dependability and the continuous, long-term archiving of data via the ProfiSignal software makes them ideal for service-life testing, environmental simulation and endurance testing.

    Application features

    • Universal inputs suitable for any type of sensor (e.g. mA, mV, RTD, thermocouples)
    • Rotation speed acquisition, vibration measurement, flows and pressures
    • High speed acquisition of up to 100 kSamples/s
    • Control functions via analog, digital and PWM outputs
    • Monitoring of limit values and alarms in the event of faults or

    Practical example

    A manufacturer of hydraulic pumps has designed three test stands for testing during the developmental phases of 30 kW, 90 kW and 250 kW classes. This requires high speed measurement data acquisition and evaluation. Many parameters require measuring at sampling rates of up to 100 kHz. The Expert Key C devices were therefore selected for installation within switch cabinets. The ProfiSignal Klicks software allows users to create systems to meet their specific testing and evaluation requirements. Office compatibility has been given a special priority. Just a few mouse clicks are required to extract measurement data in ASCII/xls format or as vector-based graphics and to insert them into a Word report.

    Typical areas of application

    • Endurance trials
    • Rotation speed monitoring via vibration measurement
    • Determining characteristic curves
    • Determining characteristic diagrams and pressure heads via volume flow rates
    • No-load testing
    • Heat testing
    • Determining efficiency rates

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