Luminaire testing

Fully automated testing procedures

We are daily surrounded by electro-technical illumination whether at work or at home. As for all electro-technical products, safety here is particularly important. For this reason, newly developed lamps must undergo a multitude of tests before being brought to market. Even the latest LED technology requires high-level testing for safety and reliability. Especially important here are thermal tests which are part of the EN 60598-1 standard to ensure that even in the event of malfunctioning, a lamp will not overheat and cause a fire. Delphin Technology offers the latest and fully automated measurement and evaluation technology.

    Application features

    • Data acquisition, automation and evaluation in a single system
    • Fully automated testing procedures complying to EN 60598-1 including testing protocols
    • Office compatibility, all data can be exported into Word
    • All channels are galvanically isolated from each other up to 650 V
    • Precision electrical measurement of AC and DC currents, voltages and power

    Practical example

    The development of the white-light LED has created a multitude of new fields of application for lamp producers and the light industry. A start-up company within the lighting branch is now producing flexible designer light lines which enable a range of lighting options. New developments in lighting technology require new testing methods to prepare the products for every conceivable use and to guarantee their safety and reliability. A luminaire testing device is used in during development to automatically perform thermal and electrical testing. The universal testing and Message devices are being used for service-life and performance testing.

    Typical areas of application

    • Thermal testing on lamps according to EN 60598-1
    • Light component testing, e.g. LED modules 
    • Repeat and retrofit measurements
    • Measurement of primary and secondary electrical values 
    • Determining winding temperatures in ballasts/transformers
    • Performance testing of LED lamps
    • Service life testing of lamps and luminaires  
    • Abnormal operation and simulation of malfunctioning events

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