Gearbox test stand

Monitoring and alarm functions

Transmission test stands of varying complexity and size are equipped with Delphin products for measurement and automation technology. Measurement procedures can then be implemented for specific requirements during product development and manufacture. A special feature is the single system’s ability to acquire vibration data at casings, bearings and shafts as well as to process data such as oil pressures, volume flows, bearing temperatures, torques and rotation speeds. Synchronous acquisition of all data is therefore guaranteed. A fully integrated system requiring no expensive interfaces is possible. The system is equipped with options for automation, analysis and evaluation which can be performed directly at the process using the Expert Vibro and ProfiMessage devices, and at a PC using the ProfiSignal software.

    Application features

    • Process and vibration measurement data within a single system
    • Monitoring of limit values and alarms without the need for PC support
    • Individualised systems based on standard components
    • Just one Expert Vibro can acquire up to 8 shafts with differing rotation speeds

    Practical example

    A company provides an overhaul service for wind energy transmission units. To minimise downtimes, the transmission units are replaced and overhauled in a single process. Each transmission unit undergoes an approximately eight hour test run at a test stand before re-installation. Temperatures and vibrations are recorded and monitored using a LogMessage device. Each tested transmission unit therefore receives proven functionality prior to costly re-installation. ProfiSignal software gives the customer an optimal tool to minimise documentation effort and to archive traceable measurement data. The customer also receives proof of quality in the form of protocols.

    Typical areas of application

    • Measurement at transmission test stands during the developmental stage
    • Measurement of wear and loads
    • Acceptance tests for large transmission units 
    • Bearing vibration and temperature monitoring on transmission units
    • Efficiency measurements in automotive transmissions
    • Vibration measurements in drive systems
    • Housing vibrations and mechanical vibration measurements
    • Shaft vibration monitoring and analysis
    • Recording of torque and speed

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