Engine test stands

Precision electrical measurement

Test stands for motors are required during the developmental phase, for serial testing and for endurance trials. Measurements during the developmental phase are fully automated whenever possible. They check the electrical and mechanical properties of the test sample as well as temperature patterns and overload operation. Testing conditions can vary widely – from the tiniest of motors through to large drives in the megawatt range – and need to be adapted to customer requirements. The modular design of Message devices as well as the compact Expert Key devices, in conjunction with a tailor-made ProfiSignal application, provide an inexpensive, fully automated solution.

    Application features

    • Easy-to-use, automated testing procedures
    • Test sample conditioning management, voltage supply, frequency converters and switch matrixes
    • Time-synchronised temperatures, pressures, rotations, electrical measurements and torques
    • Precision electrical measurement via power measurement units
    • Monitoring of threshold values online during the testing procedure

    Practical example

    In a type testing system, explosion-protected motors are tested at five independent stations during their developmental stage. A single test procedure can comprise multiple, mainly automated, sub-tests. ProfiMessage devices record data, manage the test stands, and are responsible for all test-voltage management. Delphin Message hardware controls all relay matrixes and frequency converters as well as all air-conditioning requirements. The devices exchange information directly with each other and require no PC support. Secure and problem-free processing is assured through control redundancy

    Typical areas of application

    • Cold resistance measurement and extrapolation of winding resistances
    • Non-load testing
    • Rated load testing
    • Load curves testing
    • Overload trials
    • Locked rotor tetsing
    • Torque-speed characteristic curve
    • Testing of voltage series
    • Determination of efficiency
    • Heat testing

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