Component testing

Easily create a test application

The testing of individual components has become essential due to product liability legislation. Components are expected to be reliable and to have long service lives, and costly returns and recalls need to be avoided. Expert Key and Message hardware devices along with ProfiSignal software are therefore being used in a range of sectors for component testing. Customers benefit from the high levels of flexibility and reliability that Delphin products offer. For special testing procedures, Delphin offers inexpensive systems that can be tailored to specific testing requirements.

    Application features

    • Universal inputs for mA-, mV-, RTD and thermocouple sensors
    • Test applications can be created easily using the „configuration instead of programming“ method
    • Data acquisition, automation and evaluation in a single unifi ed system
    • Network-based systems with optional SQL and ODBC connectivity
    • MS Office compatible function for data export to Excel or Word applications

    Practical example

    A well-known manufacturer of fittings, valves and other components for heating systems, uses independently functioning Message devices and the ProfiSignal software in a range of different test applications. Typical measurement data includes temperatures, flows and pressures which are displayed immediately in their scaled and actual units. Test procedures and sequences are carried out independently by Message devices which then store the data automatically to a server. Existing terminal servers enable direct access to the data – portrayed and evaluated by ProfiSignal – from anywhere irrespective of the device being used.

    Typical areas of application

    • Contact resistance measurements on switches, relays and contactors
    • Bounce trials on relays
    • Measurement of closing intervals for valves in steam turbines
    • EMC experiments on devices for current flows and volumes
    • Testing of components such as starters, sockets, bulbs
    • Quality assurance for temperature controllers on hobs
    • Testing of cooling compressors in refrigerators
    • Standard compliant testing of tank systems and components

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