Battery and fuel cell test stand

Secure measurement

Testing energy storage capacities of batteries, rechargeables and fuel cells is a current issue. Test stand are being used in the research and basic development sections of a range of different sectors. Message devices are ideal for such applications due to the galvanic isolation between the channels. Any possibility of short circuits occurring between the cells can then be avoided. The devices operate independently and their monitoring functions make them ideal for the high energy densities involved in the testing of batteries and fuel cells. The hardware devices combine perfectly with the ProfiSignal Go software for measurement data evaluation, and with the ProfiSignal Klicks software for automation.

    Application features

    • Galvanic isolation and differential inputs for secure measurement technology
    • Ideal for Profi Signal Klicks applications, easy implementation of test procedures
    • Independent data acquisition and control without the need for PC support
    • Multiple test procedures can run independently from each other

    Practical example

    A manufacturer of industrial lithium batteries uses Message devices and the ProfiSignal Klicks software as its testing equipment. Up to 90 test samples are allocated to up to 30 groups and undergo simultaneous testing Each group can be started independently and time-delayed. Differential inputs in the Message devices as well as galvanic isolation guarantee reliable and undistorted measurements. A ProfiSignal Klicks application was created by the user. The testing system acquires a range of different discharging procedures for batteries. Using voltage changes and the times acquired, the system is able to determine characteristic values which are then output to reports as tables and graphics.

    Typical areas of application

    • Endurance testing of rechargeable batteries for tools
    • Charging and discharging trials
    • Temperature measurement
    • Measuring the capacities of rechargeable batteries
    • Determining the efficiency of fuel cells

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