Standalone acquisition and monitoring

Processes must function smoothly. Downtimes for continuous processes have to be minimized to avoid the resulting extra costs involved. Process monitoring is essential for error-free products and to maintain the required standards of quality. Delphin‘s ProfiMessage and Expert devices are typically being used for process monitoring tasks and are ideal due to their combination of analog and digital inputs and the capability of acquiring process data also via PROFIBUS, ModBus and OPC. The devices can directly record and report limit value violations without having to rely on PC support. Limit value violations can also be portrayed in an alarm list. Data can be permanently and securely recorded to a ProfiSignal database.

Application features

  • Independent acquisition and monitoring of an indefinite number of channels
  • PROFIBUS, ModBus and OPC interfaces
  • Alarm database with lists of alarms and events
  • Fault reporting via email, text messaging and switch outputs
  • DataService databases for continuous and/or batch recording

Practical example

A manufacturer of piezo ceramics monitors its firing processes using Message devices and a ProfiSignal application. The recording of the firing process for each oven and batch starts automatically as soon as a threshold temperature of 100°C is exceeded. A 3-part view shows oven statuses and permits quick access to detailed information about each individual oven. An online trend is also displayed for each firing process.  All data is archived according to batches to a server. Recording and monitoring stops as soon as temperatures drop to below 90°C. Access to batch protocols can be made from any workstation.

Typical application features

  • Process monitoring and alarm functions in refineries
  • Process data acquisition in steelworks
  • Monitoring of cold storage and warehousing facilities for fruit and vegetables
  • Process data acquisition in experimental rigs for the production of chlorine gas
  • BDE and consumption data acquisition in printing machines
  • Automated monitoring of ovens and firing systems
  • Monitoring of welding parameters and soldering machines
  • Acquisition and monitoring of wire-drawing processes

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