Long-term stable temperature measurement

Temperature acquisition is a major aspect of measurement technology. Virtually every application measures temperatures, usually via thermocouples or RTDs. Delphin products have been optimised for high-precision temperature measurement. Delphin‘s decades of experience go into their measurement devices. Analog inputs can be confi gured to any type of thermocouple or 4-wire RTD. This is made possible through the use of high-resolution, galvanically isolated 24-bit A/D converters and high-precision internal power sources for reference-current feeds. No additional converters are required when using Delphin products.

Application features

  • High-precision temperature measurement of up to +/- 0.05K
  • Universal inputs for RTDs and any thermocouple type (K, J, B, S, …)
  • Long-term measurement stability with only negligible drift
  • No additional requirement for measurement converters, includes galvanic isolation
  • Stand alone temperature measurement as well as PC-supported operation via LAN or USB

Practical example: Multi-channel temperature measurement at a gas-turbine test stand

On a large turbine test stand, around 3000 temperatures are measured. A range of thermocouple types are being used as well as resistance thermometers for precision measurements. The temperatures are recorded with 64-channel measurement devices, type KTM, from Delphin. The signals are connected using sub-miniature thermo connectors. Measurement data is stored independently within the Delphin devices and simultaneously transmitted via LAN for centralised data recording on a server using ProfiSignal. A total of 12,000 measurement values are recorded at the test stand. Scalable Message devices are used to directly receive temperatures at the point where the sensors are mounted. The devices are calibrated every two years to guarantee measurement precision.

Typical areas of application

  • Acquisition of temperatures in motors, generators, turbines
  • Temperature measurement in household appliances
  • Temperature measurement in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Monitoring of room temperatures and climatic data
  • Mobile temperature measurement for start-up procedures
  • Temperature measurements in steelworks
  • High-precision measurements with calibrated Pt100(0) sensors
  • Multi-channel temperature measurement using thermocouples
  • Temperature measurement at test stands
  • Long-term temperature measurement for service-life testing

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