Simple analysis and monitoring

As part of German regulations on renewable energy, optimising energy use has become an issue and not just for high-consumption industries and businesses. It is often necessary to simultaneously acquire process and energy and to identify correlations between them. Delphin‘s scalable measurement systems are ideal for such tasks. Delphin devices can be installed decentrally and directly at the process site and then used for process control as well as the acquisition of analog data via mA interfaces. A field bus connection is also possible. Meter readings can be acquired via digital inputs. Pulses from the meters are cumulated by the ProfiMessage devices into power and operation data. This data, along with the process data, can then be evaluated and produced in reports using the ProfiSignal software.

Application features

  • Combined network of energy and process measurement
  • Stationary energy data acquisition
  • Independent and secure energy data acquisition without the need for PC support
  • Easy to analyse correlations between processes and energy consumption
  • Monitoring of consumption and output

Practical example: Combined energy and process data acquisition in a titanium production process

Titanium production is a particularly energy-intensive process. At the same time, an especially high-quality product must be guaranteed. Titanium is a very pure and very expensive material. A Delphin measurement network using Message devices was installed to analyse and monitor energy consumption throughout the entire factory. Power data is recorded in the Delphin system via a link to existing power measurement units. Important process data also undergoes parallel recording. In this way, the manufacturer can document product quality during production as well as monitor energy consumption and avoid excessive consumption during expensive energy-tariff periods.

Typical areas of application

  • Permanent energy data acquisition in steel and metal production
  • Continuous process and energy monitoring in printing and paper production
  • Acquisition of measurement data for quality assurance, as well as acquisition of power data
  • Acquisition of energy data in a power plant

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