Long-term recording

Gases and liquids are conveyed through pipeline systems and containers. Pressure peaks can occur caused either by the process or non-permitted conditions (blockages, quick-acting shut-off valves etc.). The sudden stoppage of the media releases high-energy impulses. This energy affects valves, sliders and other control and regulation devices and may damage them. Manufacturers of valve fittings are usually obliged to provide proof of the functioning of their products. Impulse peaks generally occur at "ms" levels so that PLC systems are unable to record the time or the amplitude of a pressure impulse.

Application features

  • Fast and independent measurement data acquisition to detect impulse peaks
  • Long-term recording of events at high time-resolution
  • Connection of any sensor required
  • Fast and independent evaluation of measurement data using ProfiSignal
  • Simple device configuration

Practical example: Pressure impulse measurement on adjustable gate valves

A medium-sized manufacturer of valve fittings equipped a facility abroad with adjustable gate valves. A customer made a complaint about the valve fittings that were causing frequent damage. It was suspected that pressure peaks had far exceeded specifications for the valve fittings. However, the PLC system connected to the installed pressure sensors had not recorded such pressure peaks. The manufacturer's servicing department therefore installed a Delphin LogMessage system parallel to the PLC system at the pressure sensors. The independent measurements made by the LogMessage over several days showed that the pressures and peak values far exceeded the specifications. As a result of these findings, modifications were made to the damping components within the process. 

Typical areas of application

  • Pressure-impulse measurement on control units, valves and fittings
  • Pressure-vibration measurement in combustion processes
  • Measurement of transient pressure drops and impulses in pipeline systems
  • Measurement of start-up pressure vibration

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