Independent modular monitoring applications

Modular measurement systems are being used in distributed applications. The ProfiMessage system can be individually scaled and tailored to requirements via master and slave devices and an extensive range of I/O modules. Communication between participants takes place via a dual-wire bus system. Communication to PCs takes place via Ethernet. A bus participant can be equipped with up to 32 analog or 48 digital inputs. In comparison to competitor products, ProfiMessage is equipped with an internal memory to record measurement data as well as extensive functions for signal processing such as computational and monitoring channels.

Application features

  • Individually scaleable and adaptable to the required application
  • From 1 to 1000 channels in a single system
  • A range of different I/O modules relevant to the application
  • Internal data memory for independent measuring
  • Integrated monitoring, processing and control functions

Practical example: Dispersed measurement in photovoltaic field trials

ProfiMessage is being used at a solar institute to perform measurements on photovoltaic panels at dispersed test facilities. Data is recorded for DC voltages, temperatures, radiation and meteorological information. A connection to the campus network takes place via a LAN. To bridge short-term LAN interruptions, the ProfiMessage master unit saves measurement data, including that from connected slaves, to an internal memory. This enables data loss to be excluded especially in long-term measurement procedures. Data evaluation takes place using ProfiSignal Basic and other scientific-analysis software connected online to the ProfiMessage measurement system via drivers.

Typical areas of application

  • 4-channel measurement systems
  • Modular measurement system at test stands
  • Alarm systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Temperature measurement systems
  • Independent modular monitoring applications

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