Combined data acquisition

Sensors, actuators and controllers are usually networked via field buses in plant and machinery. In test stands, measurements need to be transmitted to centralised control systems via fieldbus interfaces. Delphin's ProfiMessage, Expert Transient and Expert Vibro devices are equipped with two PROFIBUS interfaces and one Modbus TCP, CAN and Modbus RTU interface. Measurements, computed data and alarms recorded by Delphin devices can be transmitted via the above interfaces to control systems. Data exchange can take place bi-directionally. Control commands from PLC systems can also be transmitted to Delphin devices. If a Delphin device is used for monitoring, transmission via fieldbus to a control system is especially practical. The integrated PROFIBUS interface supports a sniffing function.

Application features

  • Combined measurement data acquisition and fieldbus connection
  • Redundant PROFIBUS interface (integrated via a GSD file)
  • Bi-directional data exchange between measurement data acquisition and control systems
  • Modbus TCP, RTU master and slave interfaces, CAN interface
  • Time-synchronised acquisition of fieldbus data and conventional measurement data

Practical example: Acquisition from high-speed PROFIBUS signals on gas turbines

Regulating gas turbines requires high-speed response times and especially powerful PLC control. Cycle times for PROFIBUS at under 8ms is extremely fast. By using Delphin ProfiMessage devices, conventional analog and digital measurement data in combination with high-speed PROFIBUS signals can be acquired and saved in a single system. This technology is used during start-up procedures and later for servicing. The Message devices have remote connections to a diagnosis centre where measurement data undergoes systematic analysis. These analyses are used to evaluate the efficiency and condition of the gas turbines and can be used to instigate any required action.

Typical areas of application

  • Continuous diagnosis of gas turbines
  • Monitoring of vibrations and links to control technology
  • Linking of measurement data acquisition to complex control systems
  • Test stand automation

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