Synchronised acquisition

Product testing requires not only the convetional acquisition of signals such as temperatures, pressures and flows, but also often the simultaneous acquisition of power data. Power data normally needs to be acquired as AC values from the primary-side supply. Relevant here are values for actual, apparent and idle power as well as cos phi, crest factor and TRMS for currents and voltages. For frequency converters, a secondary-side measurement from DC values through to high-frequency and distorted AC values is also required. Single or 3-phase power measurement units are used which are connected to Delphin devices via a serial interface. This provides an optimal constellation to synchronously acquire, monitor and evaluate all data in a single system.

Application features

  • Synchronous acquisition of power data and conventional process data in a single system
  • Acquisition of characteristic values for power measurement (TRMS, vertex, crest, peak values)
  • Optional connection of power measuring units from different manufacturers
  • Online computation of power data with other measurement data
  • Measurements for energy efficiency according to EN 50001

Practical example: Electrical power and temperature measurement at a pump test stand

A German manufacturer of pumps supplies its pumps with integrated frequency converters. Final testing after production includes 100% testing of each pump at an automated end-of-line test stand. Measurements are taken for temperatures, pressures, vibrations, and power input. All measurement data is acquired in a Delphin system. The power data is acquired as 3-phased via an integrated power measurement unit using current clamps and voltage converters. The connection to the Delphin Message device takes place via Modbus. All relevant power data is acquired and recorded using an application generated by ProfiSignal Klicks, and stored according to serial numbers via reports. The system is connected to a PPS system via an SQL interface.

Typical areas of application

  • Combined power measurement at motor test stands
  • Electrical power measurement on household appliance testing stands
  • Analysis of power parameters
  • Measurements for energy efficiency according to EN 50001
  • Acquisition of the energy footprint for frequency converters
  • Measurement of electrical power in pumps and drives
  • Measurement for refrigeration and cooling systems

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