OPC UA for data logger

Data logger with OPC UA

The open standard OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) makes industrial communication easier. It enables secure, reliable, manufacturer- and platform-independent data exchange from the sensor and field level up to the control system and for exchange in the cloud. Measurement data acquisition also benefits from this.

Manufacturer- and platform-independent data exchange

OPC-UA is independent of manufacturers or system suppliers and the communication is independent of the programming language in which the respective software was programmed. It is an open standard without any dependence or ties to proprietary technologies or individual manufacturers. The VDMA emphasises that OPC UA is not another communication standard for real-time communication in automation, but creates an additional communication channel between previously separate communication islands. Where different fieldbuses could previously only communicate via gateways that are more or less complex to configure, OPC UA enables open exchange at field level and is equipped for the requirements of Industry 4.0 thanks to its service-oriented architecture.

Typical applications for data loggers with OPC UA

Due to the availability of the open OPC UA standard, applications benefit in communication between machines (M2M), within a site and beyond the site. The open standard also simplifies networking in process automation and the exchange of data, for example, for plant monitoring and fault analysis. Typical applications are condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. Sensor data can be recorded, transmitted to the control system or to the cloud and analysed. The OPC-UA interface is thus also suitable for data exchange with PLC controls or for connection with PCT systems.

Data logger with OPC UA client/server interface

For measurement data acquisition, a data logger such as Loggito or Expert Logger with the OPC-UA client/server interface can query measurement data as an OPC-UA client and make the data available to third-party software as an OPC-UA server. In addition to live data, this can also be historical data (Historical Data Access). Measured values and limit violations can also be transmitted to subsystems via OPC UA.

Criteria for the selection of a data logger with OPC UA are the integration of both an OPC UA server and an OPC UA client and strict compliance with the OPC UA standard specifications. With the Loggito device, the OPC UA server is already set up in the delivery state and can be activated. The clients are created as required. The set-up is supported by an interface configuration dialogue. For the connection of components to the data logger that do not have an OPC-UA interface, Delphin can provide data converters and protocol translators.

Further processing of the measurement results is supported by the measurement technology software ProfiSignal. ProfiSignal enables measurement data analysis, measurement data visualisation and process automation based on measurement data.

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