Visualisation and analysis

Up to 16 shaft vibrations can be synchronously acquired, analysed and monitored. Both static shaft positioning and dynamic shaft vibrations can be determined from the bearing casings. Radial shaft positioning and rotation speeds are also acquired via a KeyPhasor™ on the shaft. Phase information can be calculated from the shaft position. From the measured time signal, the Expert Vibro device can directly calculate spectra and characteristic values such as smax or peak-peak. The data can then be independently recorded or transmitted via Ethernet or PROFIBUS-DP to a central system or PC. Using ProfiSignal‘s Vibro software option, measurement data can be portrayed and evaluated in orbit, polar, bode or FFT diagrams.

Application features

  • Evaluation of peak to peak spp and maximum deflection smax
  • Monitoring of static shaft positioning and dynamic shaft vibrations
  • Frequency/amplitude spectra calculation online within the Expert Vibro device
  • A single device with up to four different triggers for rotation speeds
  • Visualisation and analysis using time signal, trend, spectra, cascade and orbit diagrams

Practical example

Expert Vibro devices are being used around the world in hydro power plants, dams, reservoirs and rivers. Vibrations on Kaplan and Francis turbines are monitored using Expert Vibro devices that then transmit characteristic values via redundant PROFIBUS interfaces to control systems. Reference plants in the hydropower sector can be found in Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, Uganda, Romania, and the USA.

Typical areas of application

  • Hydroelectric machinery
  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Compressors and superchargers
  • Large transmission systems
  • Transmission-unit testing
  • Turbine testing

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