Remote monitoring with LTE

Online access to all measurement data

Remote monitoring and data transmission is an important area for applications especially in machine and plant engineering. ProfiMessage or Expert Transient devices are typically used in this sector due to their ability for independent data acquisition, recording, processing and monitoring. The devices can be remotely configured, their data accessed, or automatically transmitted using a scheduler or FTP. If an alarm or failure occurs, the devices are capable of sending emails or text messages. The ProfiSignal software is network compatible to minimize configuration effort.

Application features

  • Full functionality via LTE remote access
  • Online access to all measurement data and status information
  • Online alarm and fault notifi cation via email and text messaging
  • Automated offl ine data transmission at preset intervals via a scheduler
  • Condition monitoring, fault analysis and factory data acquisition in a single system

Practical example

LogMessage devices are being used in power plants to decentrally acquire and monitor fill-levels in tank facilities, flow rates, and consumption and operational data. The user accesses all important data on site using a system generated by ProfiSignal Klicks. Each device is equipped with a UMTS router for remote data transmission and remote monitoring, and for transferring data to a control centre. Operators in the control centre are then able to access operational data for each power plant. The application was generated with ProfiSignal Klicks and enables automated reporting of daily/weekly/monthly consumption data.

Typical areas of application

  • Mobile data acquisition in vehicles
  • Power plant monitoring
  • Full analysis and acquisition of journey data in locomotives
  • Condition monitoring of equipment, plant and machinery
  • Mobile measurement case for servicing heating systems
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Energy monitoring in buildings

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