Individualised and flexible

ProfiSignal Web enables the visualisation of complex processes and testing procedures. A large selection of graphical objects are available which can be adapted and combined as required.

General functions

  • Client/server application for visualising complex process using individually designed dashboards
  • Webservers and data-storage destination in a measurement device, in the cloud or on a company intranet
  • Installation not required of a web front-end, can be run within a browser
  • Multi-user concept, multiple clients having access to the same project
  • Regulation of access rights using rights and user management

Graphs and diagrams

  • Y(t) diagrams
  • Multiple, independent y-axes per diagram
  • Portrayal of live and historical data
  • Zoom functions
  • Print function

Graphical display elements

  • Block and pie charts
  • Analog and digital portrayals
  • Geometric objects (circles, rectangles, etc.)
  • LEDs

Operation and control elements

  • Buttons, sliders
  • Text input

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