ProfiSignal AlarmManagement

Systematic alarm generation to secure processes and products

Alarm management is the systematic management of alarms in process control and data acquisition systems. Automation technology generally refers to the monitoring of product and production data, while predictive maintenance refers to the machine data required to secure operation and prevent damage from occurring. In the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, alarm management is a frequently used tool for ensuring plant and machinery security as well as product quality.


The ProfiSignal alarm management module is a software option that provides users with a range of alarm functions to complement their measurement data acquisition and/or process automation systems.

Systematic alarm generation

Systematic alarm management is essential to prevent alarm overload. The ProfiSignal alarm management option provides for alarm category and alarm priority systems. Important and relevant alarms are immediately and clearly portrayed within alarm tables with advice and warnings appearing in separate displays.


Other filter functions enable users to quickly and easily locate and analyze the relevant alarms.

Alarm and responses

The portrayal of alarms in easy to read tables is just one important function of alarm management systems. Another essential function of such a system is being able to immediately inform the appropriate personnel by email, fax or text messaging. Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to perform immediate and automatic process interventions. ProfiSignal's alarm management enables direct activation of output channels for process intervention or to simply activate alarm signals.

Confirming and commenting

Immediate alarm confirmation by authorized personnel is required depending on the alarm category and relevance. Confirmation takes place via users logging onto the system and – depending on the alarm configuration – directly entering comments via the alarm table. User group systems are included in alarm management with user name / password procedures.

Analysis of archived alarms

A range of filter functions for analysis purposes are available within the alarm lists. The continuous recording of every alarm, notification and confirmation enables the checking and analysis at any time of alarms not currently on view (including archived alarms). Users can switch to analysis trends at a mouse click and analyze pre and post histories, the alarm event and its consequences.

Alarm management option features

  • Structured set up of alarms and alarm categories
  • Prevents alarm overload
  • Continuous recording of alarms in a separate report archive
  • Extensive filter functions
  • Integrated user management
  • Analysis and access to online and archived data with direct link to alarm with pre and post history

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