Options for your application

Even in their simplest versions, ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Klicks offer extensive functions. There are also a range of options available with special functions. Single or multiple options can be utilized depending on user requirements.

Vibro option (1)

Online / offline portrayal, evaluation of measured data using the AMDT module FFT, cascade, time signal and orbit diagrams. Process measurement data and vibration data within a single system.


Available for ProfiSignal Go, Basic and Klicks.

Alarm management option (2)

Defining any type of alarm event (under-run, over-run, process violation, wire-break ...). Alarm acquisition takes place with date and time recording at millisecond precision. Alarm notification via digital outputs using sound-data formats or visualization objects. Alarm history in the form of alarm lists including time-stamps.


Available for ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks.

SQL option (3)

Integrated SQL interface for data exchange with other databases, e.g. for test sample parameters. Connection to ProfiSignal via ODBC-functioning enabling read / write of data.


Available for ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks.

OPC-client option (4)

To connect external hardware that act as an OPC Server.


Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.

OCX-driver option (5)

Enables data exchange with Message devices. Alternative: OCX driver for databases integrated into the DataService.


Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.

OCP-server option (6)

To connect Message devices to external OPC Client software.


Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.

LabVIEW™-driver option

For online/offline data exchange using LabVIEW™ 2010.


Available for the ProfiSignal DataService.

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