Integrated script language

ProfiSignal Klicks can display basic visualizations just as quickly as complex multi-view visualization systems.


Users need only to place visualization objects and diagrams onto the display and link these to channels from Expert or Message devices.


The Klicks script language then allows for many additional options. Klicks makes it extremely easy to change object colors in alarm events or to show / hide objects depending on measurement data or the process phase.


All ProfiSignal Basic and Go functions, e. g. trend or characteristic curve portrayal or visualization objects such as analog and digital displays, slide and rotary controls, are also available in Klicks and can be manually or automatically operated using the script language.


ProfiSignal Klicks can be used for the quick and easy generation of systems to run profiles, trigger reports (e. g. for alarm events or button activations), as well as for the processing of multi-phase or full HMI systems.

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