Reporting individual

Automatic report generation for acquired and processed data is a software requirement for virtually any test stand application.


ProfiSignal Klicks generates detailed and meaningful reports with diagrams, tables, notes, etc. not only in permanent PDF format but also as dynamic operable documentation.


Data and graphics from ProfiSignal options such as Alarm management and vibration monitoring, as well as from ODBC/SQL, can be combined in reports along with process and quality control data.


One advantage over conventional systems is that data acquired from Message or Expert series hardware, or from measurement and process data already present within ProfiSignal, can be portrayed in any available ProfiSignal diagram type. The diagrams remain dynamic due to the availability of all measurement data including time-stamp. This means that users have options in reports to zoom and perform statistical functions, offline calculation channels, and data export just as in visualization.


Marking and commenting on specific ranges then becomes extremely easy. Direct manipulation of measurement data can still be effectively prevented especially for FDA21 CFR Part11 or GMP conform applications.


Reports can be generated and archived automatically according to time or events. This provides an ideal and practical tool for quality assurance, quality certification and accounting purposes.

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