Structured portrayal of processes and procedures

Any test procedure, experiment or process can be portrayed in a structure chart by using just a few block symbols.


Systems are constructed step by step in a structure chart view according to set rules and in the form of linked block symbols. A structure chart provides an overview of a system and enables the generation and upgrading of applications and programs even for complex projects.


Each block symbol in a structure chart corresponds to a specific procedure. Any task can be structured by the user as block symbols and will maintain an overview of the system.

Programming by selection

A structure chart's block symbols represent containers for the programming code. Clicking a symbol opens the block for generating the program code.


ProfiSignal Klicks represents a new object-oriented language that differs from traditional languages such as C++ or Java in that not a single line of programming needs to be written therefore eliminating the need to learn a command and syntax set.


This entirely new method of programming uses a system of key words and knowledge lists. The user needs only to click a key word to call up a knowledge list for selection (programming by selection). The program code appears as if it has been typed in as normal when in fact it has been generated in its entirety at just a few mouse clicks.


No specialist knowledge and only minimal familiarization time is required. Engineers and scientists who are familiar with their systems can generate their own programs without requiring any specialist IT knowledge.

Visualization + programming/configuration = process control

The ease of generating visualization images and the intuitive programming technique enable users to create their own applications ranging from simple portrayals with basic on/off switches through to complex process control or test stand applications with parameter input, process control via visualization, and automatic reporting.


The ProfiSignal software is designed to be fully compatible with the Expert and Message hardware and enables, from source text or from within visualization objects, direct read or write access to the hardware channels.

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