Automated measurement data analysis

As in ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Go, ProfiSignal Klicks enables measurement data analysis directly at the visualization user-interface and/or within individual diagrams irrespective of the type of application.


But in addition to the manual analysis tools of diagram, zoom, data export and statistical functions, Klicks also offers automated measurement data analysis through the "Klicks" integrated script language. Klicks can also be used for process control systems.


A special feature of the script language, as part of measurement data analysis, is that it can be used to open and process existing measurement data files.


Reports can be automatically generated; minimum, maximum, and averages for a specific time range calculated; trends automatically generated; and channels hidden/shown according to user input or operational parameters.


Specific data can also be searched for, subjected to computations or used to trigger events according to preset conditions.


Klicks greatly extends the options already available for measurement data analysis using diagram portrayals. ProfiSignal functions in the same way whether processing individual data files or direct online data.

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