Intelligent data archiving for fast access

Switching between online and offline evaluation is at best difficult and sometimes not even possible.

The Delphin data storage system eliminates any restrictions on online or offline evaluation. ProfiSignal Klicks offers visualization through to archiving and reporting functions for both continuous long-term and batch data acquisition of process data.

The intelligent recording of averages and minimum and maximum values enables the high-speed portrayal of current and archived data from µs to annual averaging levels, at high-resolution and including peak values.


This means even large data volumes can be portrayed as part of visualization or externally within analysis windows. The ProfiSignal Klicks automatic report generator accesses measurement databases or measurement data files and retrieves the required data while data recording continues uninterrupted in the background.


To select a required time range in ProfiSignal Klicks, users need only to click on the time axis. A scroll function is available when the exact time range is unknown.


A powerful recorder function is available for recording batch processes. This stores data to Delphin databases or individual data files either manually, or at set intervals, or via triggers (events, channel, time etc.). Controlling data recording procedures can also be performed within the ProfiSignal Klicks process control system.

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