Technical specifications

ProfiSignal 20

Option / FunctionGoBasic

Diagram types and functions (online and offline)

y(t) diagrammXX
  Any number of y-axes, left or right positioningXX
  Scalable y-axes: linear, relative or logarithmicXX
  Time axis, above or below positioningXX
  Automatic axis labellingXX
  Display modes: points, steps, lines, interpolatedXX
  Platform-optimised zoom functionsXX
y(x) diagrammXX
Multi-track diagramXX
Recorder functionXX
Loading/saving measurement filesXX
Accessing database/device memoryXX
Statistical functions on live and historical dataXX
Diagram export as graphics fileXX
Diagram printing functionXX
Data export in ASCII and CSV formatsXX
Data export in WAV format*XX
Data export in Diadem formatXX
Load/save diagram configurationXX

Operation and control instruments

Input field X
Slide switch X
Button X

Display and graphical elements

Analog display X
Round display X
Bar display X
Digital display X
Labelling X
Image object X
Background image X
Geometric objects (lines, rectangles, circles, arrows) X

Other options / functions

SCACH function for instant access to projects and diagramsXX
Project variants optimised according to platform X
Working-copy function: editing active projects X
Creation of background images via camera function X
Object designer for combining objects X
Setting object properties from channel values X
Different themes: "Dark", "Light", "Colourful"XX
Beginner and expert modesXX
System requirements
WindowsMinimum version: Windows 10 64-bit, Min. 4 GB RAM
MobilMinimum iOS version: 12.0
Minimum Android version: Android 8 (Oreo)
* Only Raw Tracks Expert Vibro/Transient
Registered: 29.06.2020