ProfiSignal 20 Go

Fast project planning and analysis of measurement data

ProfiSignal 20 Go enables you, in just a few steps, to visualise both online and offline measurement data in various types of diagram, to monitor the data, analyse it, archive it as a measurement file, and export it in the required file format.


ProfiSignal 20 Go functions:


  • Measurement data acquisition and storage
  • Visualisation of measurement data in on- and offline diagrams
  • Measurement data analysis and processing
  • Data export and reporting


Already during the running measurement you can access historical measured values without interruption, for example to compare them with the current test. With the help of various statistics functions, data areas to be examined can be marked and directly analyzed.

Optimized data handling

The recorder function simplifies the execution of experiments, enables direct comparison between different experiment sequences and is required for batch processes. The recorder function generates a measurement data file, which can also be easily sent by e-mail for further evaluation.


With the multi-track diagram, you can link several measurement curves with the same time axis, e.g. for direct comparison of analog and digital signals.

With the SCACH function, you can connect directly to your machine with your smartphone or tablet via WLAN and start the data visualization, simply by scanning the QR code attached to the machine. Unnecessary detours for the measurement data are thus avoided and failure and safety risks are minimized.


Produkt features

  • Multi-track diagrams for linking several diagrams on the same time axis, e.g. to directly compare analog and digital signals
  • SCACH function - one scan is sufficient to open the correct diagram
  • Just a few clicks are required to go from measurement data to graphical portrayal
  • Monitoring and analysis of any measurement data from different sources (hardware and software)
  • Single and multi-axis y(t) diagrams with the option for simultaneous display and analysis of different measured variables
  • Statistical evaluation and on- and offline calculation functions
  • Smooth zoom function from full overviews to high-resolution μ-seconds ranges
  • Data export in CSV, Diadem or WAV formats
  • Simplified performance of trials/experiments and batch processes with the user-friendly recorder function

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