Communicate independently

The DataService API (application programming interface) provides users with the ability to communicate independently between the Message and Expert devices and the ProfiSignal software. The API, along with some programming knowledge, gives quick and easy help for tasks such as processing measurement data in ProfiSignal from non-in-house hardware and software, and the writing of in-house programs to access the Expert and Message hardware. The interface acts as OCX, DLL or .NET versions.

Programming interface functions

  • Connection to Delphin DataService via TCP/IP
  • Real-time transfer for DataService-supported devices (Message, Expert …)
  • Saves measurement data for ProfiSignal
  • Reads measurement data from ProfiSignal
  • Creates user-defined channels in the DataService to enable use in ProfiSignal of any device for which no native driver is available
  • The API is provided as DLL/OCX/.NET components.
  • Device drivers
  • Database driver

DataService API device driver

The API device driver provides access to online data from all connected devices. Direct access can then be made to the Message hardware's internal memory. Write procedures can be performed directly to analog and digital outputs as well as to software channels such as markers.

DataService API database driver

The database driver enables access to the ProfiSignal software. The setting up of channels in the DataService and the use of these in ProfiSignal projects takes place in the same way as for channels from Delphin's own Expert or Message hardware. The API database driver also delivers the benefits of the DataService database system, such as reliable measurement data storage, including large-volume data, and easy data access.

Combined API device and database driver

A combination of the two software interfaces enables full compatibility to any external hardware and software.


  • Connecting Delphin hardware to external software systems.
  • Utilization of the DataService database and full functionality of the ProfiSignal software also for external hardware and software.

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