Cross-process data handling

Loss-free transfer

The Delphin Data Center is the heart of the measurement data management system. It merges, synchronises and intelligently pre-processes the data, and uses data compression to optimise storage and performance. Software channels provide extensive functions for calculating and analysing measurement data. The Delphin Data Center also offers user and alarm management across systems. Automated measurement data export is also possible, e.g. into ASCII or CSV formats.

Data synchronisation

Data sources can vary widely at the field level but connecting data to the Delphin Data Center is easy. It doesn’t matter whether the machine and process data is being acquired with Delphin or other manufacturer devices, or whether the measurement data sources are connected via protocols such as Modbus or OPC.

Worldwide access

Data visualisation and analysis is possible on site and worldwide with the platform-independent measurement technology software ProfiSignal 20, where it makes no difference whether access to measurement data and processes is to be via smartphone, tablet or PC. For all software systems, the Delphin Data Center provides current and historical measurement data instantly and without interruption. Permanent data storage, e.g. on a NAS drive, can also be initiated by the Delphin Data Center. Alerts can be forwarded to a control centre and, in the event of an alarm, automatic emails and textmessages can be sent.

Data security

A particularly high level of data security is achieved when Delphin data loggers and data acquisition systems are used in operations. The majority of our measuring and testing devices are equipped with robust industrial data storage capabilities to guarantee process-based storage of any measurement data. A scheduler integrated in the DDC enables automated and intelligent data access and centralised archiving of all measurement data. Even in the event of malfunctions or network interruptions, smooth data acquisition and data consistency are guaranteed. Data integrity is also ensured at all times thanks to SSL-encrypted transmission.

Application areas for the Delphin Data Center

  • New business models through "condition monitoring as a service
  • Condition monitoring of machines and systems
  • Service life testing and long-term archiving
  • Monitoring of field test facilities and test drives
  • Synchronisation of worldwide measurement and monitoring tasks
  • Data standardisation and consolidation
  • FDA-compliant applications / clean room monitoring
  • Operational and process data acquisition
  • Connection to ERP and MES software

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