Process optimization and fast project development

Data management

  • Centralised data acquisition from distributed sources
  • Loss-free data compression
  • Special data pre-processing via software channels
  • Data storage incl. database processing
  • Continuous and batch-based archiving
  • Fast, smooth transition from online to historical data
  • Access via any number of clients (license packages)

Data security

  • Automated access to Delphin measuring and testing devices by an integrated scheduler
  • Continuous data acquisition and data consistency
  • Data integrity ensured at all times thanks to SSL-encrypted transmission
  • Secure separation of measurement data network and office network

Alarm management

  • Creation of alarm conditions and rules
  • Detailed alarm list with options for confirmation
  • Notification by email and text messaging in alarm events
  • Audittrail for FDA compliant applications

Data interfaces

  • OPC DA Client / Server
  • Modbus TCP client
  • API-, SQL interface and ODBC
  • OPC UA Client
  • OPC UA Server in preparation
  • Individual drivers incl. configuration dialogs

User management

  • Password management
  • User-rights management
  • Client management

Software channels and calculations

  • Calculation of any number of channels with each other using calculation channels
  • Limit value channels monitor a source for limit values with the ability to generate alarms
  • Mean value channels calculate a channel‘s mean value
  • Statistics channels calculate statistics for a channel: minimum, maximum, variance, standard deviation, number of measured values, true RMS value, geometric mean value, harmonic mean value
  • Linearisation of non-linear signals
  • Counter for channel edges
  • Pulse generator for cyclic pulses
  • Sequencer for controlling measurement sequences and processes
  • Integration of function libraries and tables (e.g. substance databases for refrigerants)

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