DAQ Delphin Data Center

Centralised measurement data management

The Delphin Data Center is a centralised measurement data management system that networks, centrally stores, monitors and analyses the measurement data of systems, machines and test stands. The measurement data is archived in a valid and traceable way and is able to access it within seconds, whether on a network, via PC or mobile via smartphone or tablet.


To realise any set-up, for example with a NAS drive as the central data server, the Delphin Data Center can be installed not only on Windows but also on Linux systems.

A special highlight of the Delphin Data Center is the possibility for machine or plant manufacturers to expand their business model by providing their end customers with access to the operating parameters and status data of the assets they have purchased. User-selective access rights ensure that each end customer only has access to the assets that belong to them. Data security and integrity are ensured at all times thanks to SSL-encrypted transmission.


With the Delphin Data Center, we offer a central measurement data management system to complete your tasks without the need for timeconsuming and costly programming. The Delphin Data Center is a high performing processor and provider of data while also being highly versatile.


Product highlights

  • Centralised data acquisition from distributed sources
  • A range of interfaces enable any data source to be connected
  • Loss-free data compression
  • Long-term archiving
  • Special data preprocessing via software channels
  • High-performance data archiving with lightning-fast access
  • Smooth transition from online to historical data
  • Access via any number of clients (license packages)
  • Continuous and batchbased archiving and evaluation
  • Automated export of measurement data and characteristic values
  • Crosssystem user management
  • Centralised alarm management with multiple notification options
  • Easy to use, can be setup without programming


  • Optimised performance -> processing of up to 100 million data records per second
  • Installation on both Windows and Linux systems
  • 64Bit support
  • OPC UA client interface
  • Secure data transmission thanks to SSL encryption
  • Support of new business models through user-selective access rights