ProfiSignal is a classic, windows-based standard tool for measurement/process data acquisition, test stand automation and measurement technology. Its areas of application range from basic data archiving, visualising processes and fully automated systems with report functions.
ProfiSignal Web is new state-of-the-art measurement technology software for applications requiring platform-independent access to (remote) measurement projects from any user device. Measurement data can now be acquired decentrally, stored centrally and accessed from anywhere.

Intelligent software

ProfiSignal is available in three different versions as standard measurement technology software. These enable you to optimally incorporate and perform your measurement tasks.

  • ProfiSignal Go – Portrays online data from Message and Expert hardware in diagrams. A multitude of analysis functions such as zoom, cursors, movable axes, markers, ASCII export and computation channels enable the fast portrayal and processing of measurement data.

  • ProfiSignal Basic – Combines the functions from ProfiSignal Go with operational and monitoring elements in process visualisation, e.g. digital and analogue displays, switches, buttons and signal lamps. Using Basic enables you to create simple visualisation views as well as complex visualisation systems.

  • ProfiSignal Klicks – Adds process automation functions to ProfiSignal Basic. Structure views portraying processes, and a script language (created using the mouse) enable even non IT specialists to create complex test stand and automation applications including automated report generation.

NEW – Web-based software

With the latest state-of-the-art, newly developed ProfiSignal Web software, you now have an alternative to the standard web-based versions. ProfiSignal Web is client/server-based software that is platform-independent and can be used on any user device. Your standard browser is used so installation of client software is unnecessary. ProfiSignal Web’s server can be installed on a PC/Server or directly in the Delphin measurement technology hardware.



Add web functions to standard systems

ProfiSignal Web enables you to now extend standard ProfiSignal systems for inspection, testing and automation with web functions (hybrid solution). Installing ProfiSignal Web enables you, for example, to have mobile access to test stands or to access important key data via a mobile dashboard.

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