ProfiMessage D interfaces

Diverse fieldbus interfaces

The range of ProfiMessage D interfaces makes it extremely easy to communicate with external systems. Setting up interfaces and exchanging data is simple whether for a PLC, frequency converter or intelligent field device.

The number of ProfiMessage D interfaces has been further extended compared to its predecessor model. In addition to PROFIBUS, a optional PROFINET interface is now available. There is also an option for WLAN.


The LAN interface transmits all measurement data at high speed across an intranet or the internet. Any networked PC can access a ProfiMessage D via this interface. Other TCP services such as NTP, SFTP, HTTP and SMTP are supported. Internally stored data can also be read out via the LAN.


All Expert devices are equipped with an OPC UA Client/Server interface. This equips the ProfiMessage D series devices for universal measurement-data exchange at field level and therefore meets Industry 4.0 requirements. Measurement data and threshold violations can be immediately transmitted to subsystems via OPC UA. The OPC UA interface also provides data exchange to PLC systems and connections to process management systems.

PROFINET (optinal)

ProfiMessage D supports different PROFINET topologies, e.g. ring, line and topologies, while adhering to the CC-B conformance class.


ProfiMessage D also has two separate PROFIBUS DP slave interfaces and is integrated into PROFIBUS via a GSD file. Any analog or digital signal can then be read or written to from PROFIBUS. There is the option to switch operating mode to redundant PROFIBUS (according to PNO 2.212 V1.2).

Modbus TCP/ RTU

The LAN and RS485 interface can exchange data via Modbus TCP/RTU. ProfiMessage D supports this operation as a Modbus master or slave.


These serial interfaces can function with individual and proprietary protocols. The protocols can be created either directly by the user or by Delphin. Applications include the control of climate chambers, laboratory devices, power measuring units and GPS reception.

CAN bus

The CAN bus interface can be programmed as required. Any identifier can then be read, scaled, processed and recorded.

USB interface (master/slave)

The USB interface (type C) can be used to read out the internally stored data to a USB data stick or connect a PC.

Expansion bus

The expansion bus enables up to 20 slave devices to be connected to the master device.

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