I/O modules

Modular and scalable

ProfiMessage D master and slave devices can each be equipped with up to two I/O modules. A single master device can be connected with up to 20 slave devices of the same housing designs. Data exchange between master and slaves takes place via a real time expansion bus using robust dual-wire technology.

Slave devices can be decentrally located and managed from a single master device. Nine different I/O modules are available for ProfiMessage D devices. Each master or slave device can be equipped with two I/O modules. When a master device is intended to process fieldbus signals only, it can be supplied without an internal I/O module.

Test stands frequently need to acquire combined vibration and process measurement data from rotating machinery (e.g. pumps, drives, motors, compressors). Such tasks can be performed using ProfiMessage D devices in combination with time-synchronized Expert Vibro or Expert Transient devices. Such combinations enable extremely slow measurement values to be acquired, recorded and analysed, along with measurement values of up to 50kHz.

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