ProfiMessage D functions

Flexibility for any sensor or actuator

Depending on the I/O module being used, each input can be individually configured for measuring mV, mA, RTDs and thermocouples. Universal inputs  for voltage, current and temperature measurement make ProfiMessage D devices extremely flexible. Digital inputs are also available as status or frequency inputs, as well as digital and analog outputs.

A major advantage of ProfiMessage D devices is that the inputs and outputs are differential, high-precision and galvanically isolated – from each other and from the power supply. Earth loops are effectively suppressed. A unique system architecture also enables problem free measuring of non-isolated sensors.


ProfiMessage D devices are equipped with a display operated via a jog wheel. The display enables important network settings to be made such as the IP address and net mask. Current measurement values can also be displayed.

Optional WLAN interface

ProfiMessage D is optionally available with a WLAN interface. Configuration is possible as a WLAN Client or ACCESS Point. When the WLAN option is selected, an SMA antenna connecting point is located on the front of the device.

Easy and effective configuration

Configuring ProfiMessage D is highly intuitive, quick to learn and user-friendly whether for setting up an analog input for temperature measurement or a limit value for a switchable output. Such tasks can be performed within just a few mouse clicks.

ProfiMessage D configuration takes place with the Configurator software that is included in delivery. It portrays channels clearly, and operation is intuitive and simple, similar to that of the Windows Explorer. Double clicking a channel opens a configuration dialog to enable users to set the channel properties. The individual configuration files are stored within the ProfiMessage D devices in XML format.

Device configurations can be read out from a ProfiMessage D device and stored separately. Configurations can then be easily changed to make it easy to use one device for different purposes. Offline configuration is also possible. No online connection to the ProfiMessage D is then required.


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