LogMessage 5000

LogMessage 5000 devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. The ProfiSignal software enables users to immediately begin their measurment and analysis tasks.

Stand alone and secure data acquisition

The LogMessage 5000 is equipped with 16 universal analog inputs. The inputs are designed to cope with high voltages between individual channels. The LogMessage 5000 therefore has no problem measuring non-isolated signals.


LogMessage 5000 is an independently operating data logger for acquiring, monitoring, computing and storing measurement data. An internal data memory enables uninterrupted storage of up to 60 million measurement values.


Delphin customers are especially impressed by the system's intuitive method of configuration and the many options provided by the device.


Every LogMessage 5000 is optional available with the ProfiSignal Go software. Its intuitive operation enables users to easily and quickly acquire and evaluate measurement data with no need for extensive learning and familiarization. Users will be impressed by the system's range of functions.


As well as ProfiSignal Go, Delphin has other software for all types of application:


Delphin delivers systems to match user requirements: e.g. long-term monitoring, machine monitoring, or remote monitoring.

Product features

  • 16 analog inputs
  • Universal inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, mV or mA signals
  • High-precision differential inputs with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Galvanic isolation, isolation voltages of up to 650 V
  • Storage capacity of up to 60 million measurement values (standard)
  • Measurement data portrayable as trends and exportable in ASCII format
  • LAN interface for configuration and data transfer

Applications with LogMessage

  • Secure data acquisition with stand alone capability
  • PC-independent measurement and testing
  • Acquisition via universal sensor signals
  • Product testing, laboratory, R&D
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • GPS data logging and remote monitoring
  • Temperature data acquisition