Software for LoggitoLab

Online analysis, monitoring and automation

The LoggitoLab Logger is equipped with integrated software channels for online analysis, monitoring and automation functions. By using the ProfiSignal 20 software, a multitude of web functions can be realised. The software provides users with a powerful PC-based tool for measurement technology.

Software channels in the LoggitoLab Logger

  • Online processing during acquisition using internal software channels
  • Calculation and statistical channels compute, monitor, count and integrate measurement data
  • Limit detector to monitor limit and limit values 
  • Status detector to evaluate status information and to issue alerts in the event of an mA-signal failure
  • A trigger automatically performs setpoint curves with reset, stop/start triggers
  • Timer channels provide, for example, time delayed starts for experiment procedures

ProfiSignal 20: Live measurement data on any user device

  • Mobile access to live measurement data from any user device
  • Live data, historical data, process parameters in an individually adjustable dashboard
  • Data storage capacity with cloud functions within the LoggitoLab Logger (measurement technology for edge cloud computing)
  • Online and off-line analysis and visualisation of measurement data
  • Creation of automated testing procedures

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