LoggitoLab models

Accessing measurement data on the go

LoggitoLab Logger

LoggitoLab Logger is the device of choice when users require PC-independent operation with fail-safe internal data storage and smart analysis functions. The LoggitoLab Logger also features an optional server capability allowing measurement data to be instantly visualised and analysed on smartphones or tablets. The optional WLAN interface allows full independence from existing network infrastructures.

LoggitoLab USB

LoggitoLab USB delivers the same high-precision data acquisition and connection variants as LoggitoLab Logger and at an affordable price. Power supply and measurement data transmission take place simply via the supplied USB cable.

Connection variants for your application

LoggitoLab provides the ideal solution for any application, whether for laboratory sockets for connecting voltage, current, resistance signal, or for miniature thermal sockets for instant connection of any thermocouples, or for a combination of both. All connection variants have eight analog inputs and two software-switchable digital inputs/outputs. A special feature is that the connection variants are available for both the LoggitoLab Logger and for the LoggitoLab USB. You and your application therefore benefit from maximum flexibility


Connection variant: 8 AI-RTD with eight universal analog inputs to connect any voltage, current and RTD signals in 2-, 3- and 4-wire technology via 4 mm lab sockets. 


LoggitoLab mit acht universellen Analog-Eingängen

Connection variant: 8 TC with eight analog inputs for direct connection and high-precision measurement of any thermocouples via miniature thermal sockets.


LoggitoLab Geräte mit acht Analog-Eingängen

Connection variant: 4 AI-RTD 4 TC for full flexibility with a combination of 4 analog inputs with 4 mm laboratory sockets and 4 analog inputs with miniature thermal sockets.


LoggitoLab mit je 4 Analog-Eingängen 4 mm Laborbuchsen und mit Thermominiaturbuchsen

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