LoggitoLab is a precision measurement device for efficiently performing laboratory tasks as well as for ad hoc and frequently changing measurement tasks on machines and systems.

Smart measurement data acquisition in laboratories

The practical desktop device has a selection of laboratory and/or miniature thermal connectors to make it especially simple to connect any current/voltage and temperature signals. The device's internal intelligence and data memory enable fully autonomous operation without the need to connect to a PC.


The LoggitoLab's special feature is its optional server capability to instantly transmit measurement data to tablets or smartphones via WLAN.


Compact size

Product features

  • Plug & Play – Flexible and ready-to-use desktop device with universal analog inputs and combined digital inputs/outputs
  • Optional laboratory and/or miniature thermal sockets to easily connect any current/voltage and temperature signals
  • Maximum measuring precision and resolution
  • Integrated server capability to instantly visualise and analyse measurement data via smartphone or tablet*.
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN, USB, WLAN*, OPC UA*, Modbus TCP*
  • Easy extendibility and scalability whenever extra channels are needed
  • Optional internal data memory

LoggitoLab areas of application

  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • School and university experiments
  • Fault value recording and analysis for machines and systems
  • Ad hoc measuring of any type
  • Temperature distribution measuring
  • Research and development



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