Loggito models

Versions of the Loggito series


The Loggito series consists of three devices: Loggito Logger, Loggito Gate and Loggito USB. With the Loggito devices, measurement and control technology becomes flexibly networkable and also makes the data available for mobile end devices.

Loggito Logger

The Loggito Logger is equipped with an internal data memory and enables internal pre-processing and accounting of measurement channels.

Loggito Gate

The Loggito Gate is the ideal solution for logging and recording machine data in measurement networks as well as for control. With the integrated Ethernet connection and the available OPC UA (server/client) and Modbus TCP standards, it can be used multifunctionally. From a pure Modbus or OPC logger to a transmission solution in a DAQ software, many applications are possible.

Loggito USB

The Loggito USB can be connected directly to a computer. This provides a very cost-effective and flexible measuring solution, e.g. for laboratory measuring stations.

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