Multiple connectivity

The Loggito series is comprised of the Loggito Logger (master) and the USB extension module. The Loggito brings flexibility to measurement and control technology and provides data access from the mobile devices of users.

Loggito Logger

The Loggito Logger is equipped with an internal data storage capability to enable internal processing and the computation of measurement channels. When combined with the USB extension module, the Loggito Logger acts as a coordinator for establishing decentralised measurement networks via USB.

USB extension module

The Loggito USB module fulfils two functions:

  • USB modules enable the required number of channels to be provided, e.g. in control cabinet applications. Power is provided directly via the USB without the need for an internal power supply unit. The USB module does not require an internal storage capability because data logging is undertaken by a main Loggito Logger.
  • The USB module can also be connected directly to a computer. This gives you a highly inexpensive and flexible measurement system, e.g. for measurement stations in a laboratory.

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