Loggito: The smart measurement system for seamless data acquisition

With the Loggito series from Delphin, you can rely on a flexible, scalable and expandable solution for seamless data acquisition and monitoring of distributed measuring points. The compact devices are suitable for the cost-effective construction of decentralised measurement networks in industrial environments, for low-channel measurement tasks in laboratories or for process analysis with flexible channel numbers. Thanks to an innovative expansion and networking concept, our Loggito system grows easily with your requirements.

That is Loggito!

The Loggito devices offer high-precision, universally usable analogue inputs as well as switchable digital inputs/outputs. With an internal memory of 4 or optionally 8 GB, each Loggito effortlessly records and stores up to 240 million measured values. In addition to internal pre-processing and accounting of measurement channels, the Loggito series enables integration into modern, digitally networked infrastructures. The cloud is an integral part of the measurement hardware, so that mobile access to ongoing measurement series is possible from any end device at any time. Record your measurement data decentrally, collect the data locally in your Loggito data logger or centrally in your DAQ system and access the results worldwide. Loggito is very adaptable:


  • for decentralised data collection and monitoring of distributed measuring points,
  • for the low-cost setup of decentralised measurement networks,
  • for low-channel measurement tasks in the laboratory,
  • for process analysis with flexible channel numbers,
  • with universal sensor inputs for many different sensor types,
  • flexibly scalable and expandable through options.


By installing our ProfiSignal 20 software, the Loggito becomes themeasurement technology cloud at the edge. Display current process parameters, live data or historical data on individual dashboards. With an optionally available measurement data visualisation, the most relevant data for your business area can be brought together at a glance in a graphically appealing and easy-to-understand manner. You don't need a cloud solution? Of course, the Loggito system is also available as a data logger without cloud function or as a PC-supported variant without its own data storage.

Applications with Loggito

Our Loggito combines highest precision with user-friendliness. The flexible system enables both decentralised and low-channel data acquisition as well as use as a monitoring solution of decentralised, distributed plants, devices or machines. Typical fields of application for the Delphin Technology Loggito systems are:


  • Building monitoring
  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • Facility monitoring
  • Cold store monitoring
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Low-power applications, e.g. in environmental measurement technology

Loggito solutions are also successfully used on test stands or in school and university experimental areas.

Software channels in the Loggito logger

Software channels are predefined function modules that can be created and configured individually by the user via mouse click. The software channels are then processed internally by the Loggito Logger. Do you need a time measurement between two events, for example to determine the switching times of a valve? Or do you want to determine the maximum value of a test? Configure your Loggito Logger according to your individual needs! The software channels integrated in the Loggito Logger for real-time calculation and linking of channel contents can be easily and intuitively adapted without programming knowledge.


The software channels enable, among other things:

  • Online processing already during data collection
  • Calculation and statistics channels calculate, monitor, count and integrate measurement data
  • Limit monitors monitor limit and threshold values
  • Status monitor evaluates status information or alarms in case of failure of a mA signal
  • Trigger automatically executes setpoint curves, with reset, hold and start triggers

The Loggito modular principle

We have developed a comprehensive modular principle so that your compact Loggito measuring system can be tailored to your individual tasks. In addition to high-precision, universally usable sensor inputs, we can provide you with different channel variants from our modular system. Rely on I/O modules with different numbers of channels and digital inputs that can also be used as frequency and pulse counters. Pluggable spring-cage terminals and a clear connection diagram for easy wiring make the use of Loggito measuring systems a really convenient matter.

Ready for the future with OPC UA

Your Loggito can now be equipped with an optionally available OPC UA server and client interface. "Open Platform Communications" is one of the most relevant communication standards for modern Industry 4.0 applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). With "Unified Architecture" (UA), the latest specification of the standard is available. Data exchange with industrial systems is easier than ever before, no matter what hardware and software is in use in your company.

In addition to OPC UA, the Loggito Logger can also be equipped with interfaces for Modbus TCP, LAN and WLAN if required. Just ask us about our interface options. We will be happy to advise you!


Do you have any questions about our compact Loggito measuring system and the numerous areas of application? Or would you like to discuss a specific project with our experts? Then get in touch with us at sales@delphin.de right away!